Client Agreement

I understand that coaching is NOT A FORM OF THERAPY, although coaching may be used in conjunction with therapy.

I understand that through our sessions we will be dealing with my present situation and my future, but NOT delving into the past in a therapeutic manner.

I understand that my coach, Mira Khatib is not a doctor and thus not able to give medical (mental or physical) advice from a medical stand point.

I understand that I may stop our coaching sessions at anytime, but that will not allow for a refund.

I understand that my coach’s qualifications are as follows:

Certified Life Coach, Solution Focused Coach & Transformation Coach (with honors) from the Universal Coach Institute

In pursue of a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology from University of East London

I understand that Coach Mira Khatib is not responsible for the choices I make in my life.

I understand that what we discuss is confidential unless I indicate, in any way, that I would harm myself or others then the proper authorities will be notified.

I understand that my coach does not control the direction of my life.

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