Coaching helps to change a person’s life for the better whether in career, relationships, health, or in overall fulfilment and happiness, by offering support, motivation and encouragement to help clients reach their goals without judgment. Coaching can only be effective if the client is willing and eager to make that change, it cannot be forced.

Coaching helps the client realize what his dreams or visions are, by asking purposeful questions to help the person dig out what they want out of their lives, and what they believe will make them happy and fulfilled. 

Once dreams or visions are realized, it is time to turn them into realistic goals. Asking the client what in his opinion is the best way to achieve these goals, laying down a foundation for an action plan. Coaching allows a person to realize his weaknesses and strengths, and how to use these to help achieving desired goals, in the future.

Coaching is a professional relationship built on trust, offering guidance, resources, understanding, respect, acknowledgment, all along while keeping focus and motivation.

However coaching is not therapy or a replacement for a psychologist or a counselor or is being done by someone who specializes in mental illness.