• Forgiveness the road to healing

    Are you stuck in your yesterday? Carrying the burden of “what was” upon your shoulders? Many tend to hang on to pain, and live their present days aching from things that happened in their past. Even at times replaying in the mind hurtful scenarios over and over again. And then you ask, why do I feel so miserable? Why can’t I move forward or find peace in my days?

    Love is always the path to healing, and to be able to heal and love one must be able to forgive. Forgiving ourselves and others release us from our past. No good comes from holding on to a moment from the past that weighs one down with regret, fear, guilt, anger, blame, resentment, hurt, sadness, bringing out negative feelings even at times negative actions or reactions.

    You need to do some soul searching and figure out whom you need to forgive, and the person you are finding most difficult to forgive is actually the one you most need to forgive. The only way to move forward is to let go of your past, this doesn’t mean that you are tolerating the behaviour but instead letting it go completely. Realize that even if you find it challenging to let go, forgiving benefits the forgiver much more than the one who is forgiven. You just need to be ready to forgive, and decide not to let your past control your present and your future. It is a decision, it is a choice and you hold the power and strength to do so if you have the will.

    There are many benefits to forgiveness; studies show how letting go and forgiving reduces stress levels, blood pressure, and anxiety. The reduction of negativity improves physical symptoms, sleep, energy levels even spiritual connection, and an overall better health.

    In other words, when you keep holding on to grudges, it brings out the worst in you, and when you forgive it brings out the best in you.

    It is a relieving feeling, when you release all the negativity and hurt of the past, you will feel light and free, able to breathe easier, you will feel that you are slowly reaching your inner peace.

    How to forgive

    Although it may be tough to forgive someone who did you wrong, but there are many ways that can help you in the process. Just keep in mind that you reap the benefits far more than the person you are forgiving. For some great tips on how to forgive, check out this article ‘How to Forgive

    By Life Coach, Mira Khatib

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